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Making academic books accessible and affordable
for print-impaired students.

A tip for your Learning and Disability Services Program:

If you are currently relying on readers or staff to read aloud textbooks and academic material on audio tapes to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for your students, you may be spending more money than necessary. Book*Scan*Talk quickly provides equal access to most books and course materials while reducing overall expenses. (See how we compare.)

* Low cost * Quick service * Quality product *

The Book*Scan*Talk goal:

Providing affordable alternative options to colleges for students with reading limitations or vision impairments.  Students everywhere are quick to tell us that books on tapes are cumbersome, outdated, and not always available for the ever-changing academic courses required of students in our society. Ninety-percent of students prefer our electronic method once they have tried Book*Scan*Talk.

Book*Scan*Talk strives to provide better, quicker, and cheaper text options for students who need to hear their classbooks.

Book*Scan*Talk can:

Try our service free of charge - One Free Trial per College or Institution - Free in E-text format only

Read the FAQs page for more details

Making the Grade?

A+ Solution

Text-to-Speech Resources

Watson Text to Speech Demo

Natural Reader

CoolSpeech 5.0

JAWS for Windows Screen Reader

Premier Assistive Technology

Freeware & Shareware Speech Engines

* The textbooks' bindings are removed for the scanning process.  The textbooks can be spiral-bound when returned to the college/student. The books (usually) remain fully functional after scanning. However, most bookstores will not buy the used books back after they have been scanned and rebound.  Resourceful students have sold their used (scanned) books to other students through campus bulletin boards.

** Most text-to-speech (TTS) engines cannot interpret text conversion of technical symbols (i.e., math and sciences) or foreign languages. Book*Scan*Talk is not prepared to convert these types of textbooks because we cannot economically accomplish that type of text conversion.

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