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Nine out of Ten students prefer Electronic Text Conversion over Books on Tape

Basic Facts:

The average human reads aloud at the rate of 130 words per minute.  The average human eye reads at well over 200 words per minute.  Thus, text to audio conversion on audio tape is a slow and cumbersome process, even for the most proficient human reader.  The listener can hear the text only slightly faster than the reader can read it.  Most new academic books are not available on tape, forcing the college or program to find a reader to read the book aloud onto tape recorders. Yet, this is typically not the most effective use of program funds nor is it always the best option for the student's needs.

Books on tape are becoming outdated for the following reasons:

What Can Book*Scan*Talk do?

What Can't Book*Scan*Talk do?

What is the difference between Text-to-Speech and Audio CDs?

What Book*Scan*Talk must do to accomplish text conversion.

We must alter the book --  We cut off the bookbinding to separate all the pages for quick and efficient scanning/conversion. The textbook can be rebound with spiral-binding for a nominal charge, or the graphics department of your school campus may be able to spiral the book for you.  The book remains functional and readable.

We require confirmation that the book is owned by the college, the program, or the student, and that the user of the converted text will not share, sell, or pass along his/her electronic or digital version of the textbook with others.  This is a requirement for copyright usage.  The purpose of Book*Scan*Talk is to convert academic textbooks and materials for higher education institutions in alternative format for ADA compliance within the academic and copyright rules.

More Information about Book*Scan*Talk

Book*Scan*Talk, LLC, is a family-owned business. Dennis manages the business, while Jann scans and transforms the text. Dennis earned his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Oregon State University. Jann earned her Master's degree in Education after earning her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Reed College. Jann was also a paralegal for over 15 years. Our goal is to provide a low-cost service while maintaining quality and attention to detail in the text conversion. The print-challenged student of your institution deserves to have access to all the text materials contained in the book s/he has purchased for her/his class.

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